Talking about Health Anxiety with Jo Rodriguez

We've just released a new Series about Health Anxiety and interviewed Jo Rodriguez, the creator of the Series, about herself and how she found creating her first Unmind Series.

1) Please tell us a little about yourself and your professional experience.

I'm a Health Psychologist and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. I've worked in the NHS, in Academia and am now working in Private Practice. I love working with people and also learning new things. I am passionate about health and wellbeing.

2) How was it creating your first Unmind Series?

It was really interesting and a lot of fun! That's not to say it wasn't challenging at times too. I think it's one thing knowing a subject well enough to talk a client through it, but it's something else writing about it, to apply to potentially many people. I think my teaching experience came in really useful here.

3) What are the top 3 things people can proactively do to help manage feelings of anxiety around their health?

1. Don't ask Dr Google and steer clear of online forums! Searching for symptoms does not help and just creates more anxiety. With forums people generally like to talk about the bad stuff, they are often biased and don't show an accurate representation of an illness or ailment

2. Try to reduce or stop checking behaviours - doing things like body scanning just create more worry and anxiety

3. If you're really worried and symptoms have been persistent in a consistent way (all the time without any let up) for more than 2 weeks - THEN it's ok to go see your GP

4) Who is your Series for and how will it help them?

The series is for anyone who persistently worries about their health or who suffers from health anxiety.

5) Please tell us something interesting/funny about yourself :)

When I was 16 I was a chip shop girl and served a pickled egg to Robbie Williams.

Thanks, Jo!

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To find out more about Jo, find her company website here and her personal website here.


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